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What will happen to my title with auto hail damage?

By 25 April 2018

 A Vehicles Title After Hail Damage

There are 2 scenarios that will happen after your insurance adjuster has assessed your vehicle for auto hail damage. The vehicle will either be considered repairable or totaled.

Repairable Auto Hail Damage

This is the best scenario and an even better scenario if you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle.

AHR Plano Tip: If you haven’t filed your hail claim yet, see step-by-step instructions here.

If your insurance adjuster deems your auto hail damage repairable, you will be issued an estimate and detailed assessment of the damage they found. This information will either be emailed to you, mailed, or both. Make sure you request how you want this estimate delivered.

Learn more about the auto hail repair process.

The Cost Of Repair is Lower Than My Deductible

When you get your hail damage inspected by an insurance adjuster, you can count on them missing 30-40% of the damage. This is because they do not have the proper lighting or setting to conduct a proper hail damage inspection. Unfortunately, this is also because they would prefer NOT to pay the extra money to cover the damage that you might see but a good paintless dent repair shop can.

For example, if they estimate the cost to repair is $1000, you can probably assume the cost of repair will be more around $1,400 – oftentimes more.

Contact Auto Hail Repair Plano for Your FREE & Professional Inspection

Auto Hail Repair Plano offers a complimentary hail damage inspection for anyone in the Plano, McKinney, Allen, DFW area. This is a no-obligation inspection so what you decide to do AFTER you know the facts is totally up to you!

We have a drop-off location in McKinney at our sister company The Hail Shop USA and our repair location is in Plano. You can also request your inspection location to be at your home or office.

Pay-No-Deductible For Auto Hail Repair

Both locations offer a paid deductible program for any auto hail repair service!

Extensive Auto Hail Damage

When the Vehicle is “Totaled” Due to Hail Damage

If your car has extensive hail damage, the result will often result in your car being “totaled” or your insurance company has chosen NOT to pay to repair the damage. The definition of  “totaled” in the insurance world simply means that the cost of repairs is more than 75% of the vehicles fair market value.

If you think about it, at the cost of approximately $50-$75 per ding to repair, hail damage quickly adds up. Even if the vehicle is still drivable and safe to drive, your insurance company will not pay the cost to repair if the cost of repairs exceeds that 75% threshold.

Fair Market Value Reimbursement Check

When a car is totaled, they will give you a check for the fair market value of the vehicle and then require that you surrender the title. Simply put – you take your check, pay off any remaining amount owed on the balance, and then buy another vehicle. Some insurance companies will let you keep the car for a reduced financial settlement but will usually insist on a branded title.

A Branded Title

A branded title is the use of a permanent designation on a vehicle’s title. As a result, the registration or permit documents of the vehicle will indicate that the vehicle has been written off due to a collision, natural disaster damage or has been sold for scrap.

What Are Your Options

If your insurance company has “totaled” your vehicle due to hail damage, you have a few options. If you are not upside down on your loan, the car can be paid off and you go shopping for another car. Keep the car, and make repairs, keep the car and part it out, keep the car and sell it to a junkyard. Your insurance company decides if it’s totalled, actually their adjuster comes out and looks at your car, and decides if it is totalled. From that point forward, you have decisions to make. If you are upside down on your loan, the insurance will only give fair market value for your car, the remainder of the loan would be your responsibility.