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The Best Ways to Protect Your Car From Hail

By 18 September 2018

How to Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

No Garage, No Hope

We’ve all been there. The moment of panic when you check the forecast to see softball-sized hail headed right for you and your beloved unwaxed car. You know that preventing hail damage is easier than repairing hail damage. So what do you do?

Hopefully you have already taken a few precautionary measures to protect your vehicle. If not, this post also includes ideas for protecting your car in a pinch if you have no garage.

Panic Hail Storm

Precautionary Measures: Prevent Hail Damage Before the Storm

Hail Protector Car Cover
If you have the means to do so, it is best to take the steps to prevent hail damage before a hailstorm is on its way. Here are a few preventative options:

  • Invest in Covered Parking: If you cannot afford to build a garage, we suggest purchasing a carport or renting a vehicle storage space if possible. While the latter can cost you upwards of $90/month, you can purchase a decent carport for as little as $200.
  • Purchase a Car Cover: You can buy a car cover at most local auto shops and even at Walmart. However, many brands only protect from light hail. If you want serious protection from serious hail, consider investing in a brand like Hail Protector.
  • Sign Up for Weather Alerts: If you do not have proper protection, you need time to protect your vehicle from hail. Always check the weather before you leave the house and sign up for weather alerts.

Hail Protection in a Pinch: DIY Car Covers and 7 Places to Cover Your Car

DIY Car Covers

If you haven’t invested in a carport or car cover, you can try a DIY cover using blankets, floor mats, exercise mats, etc. However, sometimes this is not enough to protect from larger hailstones and you may not have enough materials to cover the entire vehicle.

The most cost-efficient option to protect your car from hail stones is utilizing cover at a public place. While we do not recommend driving out into a hailstorm, if you are already on the road, there are several places that may offer temporary protection.

7 Places to Protect Your Car From Hail

  1. Parking Garages (Tip: Google Search “parking garage near me”)
  2. Gas Stations
  3. Car Washes
  4. Drive-In Restaurants (like Sonic, for example)
  5. Tall Buildings; snuggle up next to them on the opposite side the wind is blowing hail from
  6. Overpasses (CAUTION: Can be dangerous while traffic is navigating stormy weather)
  7. Trees (CAUTION: Falling limbs can cause more damage than hailstones)
Couldn’t protect your car from hail damage? Find a Paintless Dent Repair shop near you: