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Holiday Hail Repair Deals – Plano, TX

By 24 November 2018

Give Yourself & Your Car The Gift Of “Cost-Free” Hail Repair

With the hailstorms of spring behind you and the holiday season full steam ahead, you ALMOST forgot about that hail damage until you started loading up the car for Thanksgiving at the in-law’s house.

SHOOT! What now? Your option is to continue putting off the repairs and try to live with auto hail damage for a while longer or call Auto Hail Repair Plano today and schedule a time to get it repaired.

Auto Hail Repair Plano is offering some amazing holiday hail repair deals that you can use and share to get dent-free before your next holiday road-trip!

$500 Off Auto Hail Repair Plano$500 Off Complete Auto Hail Repair

Even if it looks like a reindeer ran across the roof of your car, we can fix the dents and damage to your car.

Accidents happen in all kinds of ways and these can be especially disappointing during the holiday season. For covered drivers, Auto Hail Repair Plano works closely with insurance companies on every hail claim, either taking $500 off the cost of the deductible with this deal or returning the balance to customers with deductibles less than $500 (for example, those with a $250 deductible will receive $250 back).


3-Day Rental Voucher

Free 3 Day Rental CouponWe will supply insurance policy-holder with up to 3 free rental car days on any repaired vehicle.

  • Three days of rental coverage FREE
  • Damaged vehicle must be repaired by us
  • Rental coverage valid only during days of repair
  • Rental car must be returned on the day of repair completion notification or assume the cost for additional days
  • Rental car arranged through us with our preferred vendor
  • The customer is responsible for refueling or any upgrades

This is an exclusive offer for our preferred customers only so please make sure your insured mentions this 3 for FREE day offer at the time of repair scheduling. we will make arrangements to have the rental car waiting when the vehicle is dropped off for repairs. Other restrictions may apply.