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Holiday Hail Repair Deals – Plano, TX

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Give Yourself & Your Car The Gift Of “Cost-Free” Hail Repair With the hailstorms of spring behind you and the holiday season full steam ahead, you ALMOST forgot about that hail damage until you started loading up the car for Thanksgiving at the in-law’s house. SHOOT! What now? Your option is to continue putting off the repairs and try to […]


The Best Ways to Protect Your Car From Hail

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How to Protect Your Car From Hail Damage No Garage, No Hope We’ve all been there. The moment of panic when you check the forecast to see softball-sized hail headed right for you and your beloved unwaxed car. You know that preventing hail damage is easier than repairing hail damage. So what do you do? Hopefully you have already taken […]


Climate Change: Giant Hail In The Forcast

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How Does Your Vehicle Feel About Global Warming? Not Great. What is the one thing that hail has in common with sports? How do we equate hailstone size with golf, baseball, softball, and even ping-pong? With sports ball-size and as North Texans know (especially Plano & McKinney), the bigger they are the harder they fall. In fact, Texas just can’t […]


Hail Damage Repair

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What Should I Do If I Need Hail Damage Repaired? It is a well-known fact that hailstorms take a major toll on vehicles, especially in Northern Texas, leaving many people in need of hail damage repair and a reputable paintless dent repair shop. These infamous storms can leave behind a horrific path of destruction to personal property, including multimillions of […]

North Texas Hail Storm

Baseball Sized Hail Causes Major Hail Damage – North Texas

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Dallas-Forth Wort, Texas-Sized Hail Damage When God and Mother Nature get together for coffee, sometimes the results aren’t all that great. Baseball-sized hail was on the menu for Northern Texas and the cities that fell in the path of these early summer hail storms were devastated. Approximately 25,000 vehicles have moderate to severe auto hail damage and the estimated cost of […]

Botched Hail Repair

Will Insurance Pay for DIY Hail Dent Repair?

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Can I Repair My Own Car After Filing a Hail Damage Claim? If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance contract with your car insurance company obligates them to pay for a hail damage claim, and unless you have some very specific wording in your contract that says you’re required to use a PDR shop or auto body shop, which […]

Auto Hail Damage Car Title

What will happen to my title with auto hail damage?

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 A Vehicles Title After Hail Damage There are 2 scenarios that will happen after your insurance adjuster has assessed your vehicle for auto hail damage. The vehicle will either be considered repairable or totaled. Repairable Auto Hail Damage This is the best scenario and an even better scenario if you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle. AHR Plano Tip: […]

Auto Hail Repair Plano TX

Hail Damage Repair Plano, TX

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Professional Hail Damage Repair Auto Hail Repair Plano is a premier hail damage repair facility. We use only the best and newest dent repair technology & tools in all of our paintless dent repair shops. We specialize in auto hail damage repair and have over 50 years of hands-on dent repair experience between our 3 master PDR technicians. Can hail […]